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Dr. Lindbloom began life in Kansas. From childhood, church was always a part of his life.  Although raised in a protestant church, his mother was a Baptist who taught him Biblical truth throughout his early life. At the age of twenty-eight, while working for a Kansas rancher, young Lindbloom trusted the Lord as his Saviour and six years later he surrendered to God’s call to preach.  He was ordained in 1970 and began pastoring his first church the same year.  He would pastor four other churches in Kansas and Texas before becoming the sixth pastor of Lincoln Baptist Church in Wichita, KS over twenty-seven years ago. Believing young men called into the ministry are best taught by their own local pastor and church, Pastor Lindbloom founded Mid-West Baptist College in 1987 to begin training a young man whom God called to preach.  Over the years, Dr. Lindbloom preached many special meetings and mission’s conferences throughout the U.S. and internationally in Canada and Mexico.  Several years ago, then Alabama governor George Wallace blessed Dr. Lindbloom by making him an honorary Lieutenant Colonel.  Additionally, the degree of D.D. was bestowed upon Dr. Lindbloom by Great Plains Baptist Divinity School of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dr. Lindbloom has a sincere desire to train preachers and others the truth of God's Word under the authority of a local New Testament Baptist church.  Mid-West Baptist College students will find no better president and pastor with the practical experience and passion to train those desiring to learn.
     V. L. Lindbloom, Pastor
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Jeremy Hockett, Associate Pastor
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